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We Watch Stupid

Feb 11, 2024

Wow! Dating is heinous, and we're so blessed to be able to watch these people do it. 90 Day shows only stop for Christmas and the Super Bowl, so no 90 Day ep this week. We are giving you a little treat of Single Life catch up.

Diana has some weird static on her audio, and we couldn't figure it out, so sorry about that! Natalie, Josh & Natalie's mom go on a weird dinner date; John goes to San Antonio & acts like an unsupervised teenager; Miss Debbie goes on a date & finds a new love interest; Tim, Veronica & Jamal have a blow-up; Chantel & Yiannis deeper their.... connection?

0-2:30 Intro

2:30-11:00 Natalie

11:00-23:00 John

24:00-42:00 Miss Debbie

42:00-1:00:00 Tim/Veronica

1:00:00-1:14:00 Chantel

1:14:00-end FMK

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