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We Watch Stupid

Feb 26, 2024

Season 10 finale! Can you believe we started this season in October? Clayton & Anali, Rob & Sophie, Ashley & Manuel all get hitched. Why do people love beach weddings? Nikki gets broken up with but we know that doesn't last; Sam & Citra have their first night as newlyweds with Citra's whole family; and we talk a lot about wedding dresses and bummer weddings.

There are a few baby sounds in this episode, so your baby isn't screaming for you, it's just Little K having a few moments in the background.

0-8:00 Roxy went to Philly & high school reminiscing

8:00-15:00 Nikki & Justigor

15:00-22:00 Sam & Citra

22:00-37:00 Clayton & Anali

37:00-52:00 Rob & Sophie

52:00-1:05:00 Ashley & Manuel

1:05:00-end Next Time On & FMK

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