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We Watch Stupid

Feb 19, 2024

The penultimate episode! We see some weddings, we cringe at others. Clayton's man and maid of honor are sick of this shit; Nikki gets a grocery bag of jewelry as a parting gift; Rob continues to be a knob, but puts it aside long enough to pump up a twin size air mattress; Sam & Citra barely pull off their 'American' wedding; and Gino takes his hat off for one photo.

0-14:00 Clayton & Anali

14:00-21:00 Nikki & Justigor

21:00-37:00 Rob & Sophie

37:00-47:00 Sam & Citra

47:00-1:00:00 Gino & Jasmine

1:00:00-end Next time on & FMK

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