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We Watch Stupid

Mar 12, 2024

Sorry for the late release! Roxy had birthdays and was travelling. Enjoy this dumpster fire.

0-14:00 Gino & Jasmine

14:00-21:00 Nikki & Justigor

21:00-29:00 Sam & Citra

29:00-30:00 Gino & Jasmine again

30:00-41:00 Clayton & Anali

41:00-51:00 Devin & Nick

51:00-55:00 Nikki & Justigor again

55:00-58:00 Tell All...

Mar 4, 2024

Tell All Part 1 and the bar for men is in hell... so let's witness Shaun Robinson uncover it with her 25 years of journalistic experience. Everyone shows up looking like they're going to prom; Rob, Sophie & Claire prove to be the most tightly linked love triangle we've ever seen; Ashley learns she should be a bit...